I now see that months after many of us have been saying the Malaysian aircraft is no where near the Southern Indian Ocean, and after they have wasted millions of dollars and many months looking for it there and where it was very unlikely to be right from the start, the Australian search team are now saying it could be near Indonesia. I fail to see how 1600KM of the coast Perth and Indonesia could ever be classified as being close to each other so what this really means is they do not have a clue where it is like the rest of us.What motive did Australia and Malaysia have for this wild goose chase in the first place and what motive did Tony Abbott have for insisting those original pings where definitely from MH370 when again it was clearly obvious they were not. At least Indonesia is a more likely possibility but so much valuable time has now been lost looking in the wrong place.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE ON MH370 1/11/201

  1. collette

    Excellent Dad! I enjoyed everything you wrote and the logic behind it all!

  2. Marjorie Cooper

    With ice melting at the poles, this must surely going to have a bad effect on the sea currents. Best of luck with this site! Marjorie

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