The headlines in the South African press on 6/11/2014 read, “E TOLLS HERE TO STAY SANRAL” .Are these people ¬†totally mad. When are they going to wake up and appreciate that they can stay as long as they like but we are not going to pay. Simple as that. I see they have admitted there is only a 30% compliance however, I have it from very reliable sources that even this is an exaggeration and the true figure is closer to between 13%¬†- 15%. The sooner they cotton on to the fact that South Africa are feed up with being told what to do by the people who should be serving us and listening to us the better. What could be a simpler way of collecting the money than adding a few cents to the petrol levy which many people have suggested? Can anyone imagine what the Country would look like in 10 years if we actually let them get away with this. Every road in the Country would be a toll road and I am sure that is what they were planning. They wanted to roll this scheme out all over the Country and rake in billions of extra rand to be wasted and squandered like most of the tax money collected. .


5 thoughts on “E-TOLLS

  1. Dawn Taylor

    It seems so easy for us here in the Eastern Cape to turn a blind eye to the E- Tolls debacle because we are not near enough to experience the problem first hand but actually you are quite right – what is going to happen in this country some years down the line when as you say every road in South Africa would be a toll road! No, that is a scary route! I agree with the thinking of increasing the petrol levy by a few cents – please, alternatives must be found!

  2. Gregory

    I couldn’t agree more. We pay taxes which should be going towards maintaining our roads, but is actually going straight into the pockets of corrupt politicians and their cronies. I have nothing but contempt for the ANC government. I really do hope that I’m alive to see the ANC’s downfall someday.

  3. collette

    Excellent Dad! I agree with everything you have mentioned and so enjoyed reading all that you have written and logic behind it all!

  4. Melanie van den Berg

    Enjoyed your article.

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