I see the latest spin doctoring by Zuma to counter the criticism regarding the November/December rolling blackout all over the Country was to say the cause was routed in apartheid. His logic was that before the ANC took over the Country only a privileged few had electricity and now they have to cater for everyone. Yes, nice one. There may be a few idiots who swallow that I guess.I am sure that is news for our very poor of which only few have electricity even today. Be that is it may even if his statement were true, the ANC were warned back in 1998 that if they did not start spending money on the maintenance of power stations then South Africa would face a serious energy crisis in about10 years from that date. Experts went further and said that in addition to a maintenance programme which was urgently needed new power stations should also be planned to cater for the increased numbers and the expected extra pressure on the national grid. As usual the ANC took no notice, knew better and were far too busy squandering our tax revenue on other frivolous things to worry about power station maintenance. I mean such things last for ever do they not? When will Zuma and his ANC take some responsibility and accountability for something after 20 years of rule? It really amuses me how every single “crisis” is denied as even being a crisis in the first place and in any event is blamed on anything but the true culprits, our totally incompetent ANC Government. One can only ask if the entire country being plunged into darkness for days on end, industry grinding to a halt, traffic robots out virtually all over, businesses going broke thus wrecking the economy and even more people being put out of work, does not constitute a crisis then I would hate to be around when t

here is one.


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