I see the latest misinformation to come out of the MH370 investigation is that they have got some airline boss in the Maldives to report that in his opinion what the islanders saw was one of his small passenger planes flying low over their houses. His planes are also white in colour but nowhere near the size of a 777. I just wonder what they paid him to suddenly come out with this pathetic rubbish especially as the islanders were all very specific and sounded like they knew exactly what they saw. Also if this was the case why did he wait over a year to make such a statement when the islanders reported this the very next morning. Trust me for some strange reason they do not want to find this aircraft. Why else would they keep ignoring concrete leads while continuing to place so much emphasis on the already heavily disputed and clearly unreliable Inmarsat data. If MH370 had gone to Australia and plunged into the Southern Indian Ocean they would have some proof of this by now. This whole thing is too crazy for words. Every time someone has come up with a concrete lead putting the plane anywhere else but in the Southern Indian Ocean they have tried to discredit it with utter dribble.

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