I never stop being amused when the media refers to sports people, that is Rugby, Soccer, Cricket players mainly, as sports hero’s. I would love to know what is so heroic about playing some silly childish ball game anyway. Me thinks these professional ball players could not find an honest days work if they tried and hence are prepared to devote/waste their whole life to doing something so trivial like this and that most of us grew out of when we left school.Why is it that shallow people insist on a form of hero worship of these players even down to the point of wearing a rugby shirt for example in the shopping mall because their hero’s are playing rugby this weekend? So what, who cares? Amazing how some people are so board with their lives they can only get pleasure watching others doing something they enjoy. If they were really so passionate about the sport why are they not doing it themselves in stead of being a spectator and just watching? The truth is sport these days is all about money, and the media try to create this public frenzy by shoving sport down your throat 24/7 in an attempt to make you think every human being on earth is fanatical about watching it so if you do not you are a bit odd. This in turn makes the “followers” people who have no mind of their own, the shallow people that is, bow to peer pressure and pretend they are also a supporter even if they are not the slightest bit interested.If anyone does not agree with me just do this simple test. Next time in a big restaurant with 150 people eating just check out how many are watching the stupid big screens festooned on the walls showing the “big game”. You will be lucky to find even one. Next time in the banking queue carry out the same test. Next time at the hospital waiting room carry out the same test etc.

What actually gives people the right to decide all of us are sports fanatics so let us cancel the news tonight and show a rugby or cricket match instead. Why does a sports item always have to be included in the news headlines? Why do we have to have a news reader and a sports reader with the majority of time being wasted on sport and no real news which we are starved of in South Africa.

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