The investigation into the missing Malaysian airliner continues. I have followed every detail of this from day one and could never understand why the investigation team stubbornly insisted the plane had hugged the Australian West coast line finally coming to rest somewhere in the Southern Indian Ocean South of Perth Australia when all they had was this extremely weak circumstantial evidence supplied by Inmarstat. Far better informed people than I have also questioned the reliablity of this Inmarstat data, the CEO of Emerate Airlines just to mention one. The investigation team have totally ignored much stronger leads and evidence suggesting the plane may have come down much further North and one such possible location was the Maldives. Several eye witnesses on the Maldives who saw a very large low flying airliner of similar colour and markings on that fateful morning have never even been questioned in favour of the wild goose chase in the Indian Ocean which has always seemed futile to most logical thinking aviation enthusiasts closely following this mystery. Why would these people with what would appear to be solid information not have been at least questioned? Following the recovery of the flaperon off the coast of Reunion near Madagascar it clearly proves beyond doubt what many of us have been saying for ages, the investigation team are looking in totally the wrong place. Now that even more debris has been washed up on the beaches of the Maldives it tends to give strength to the theory that the plane may have come down in this vicinity.

The more they avoid the obvious the more suspicion they attract. It is now going to be interesting to see how they rubbish these latest claims by the people on the Maldives especially as the prominent sea currents tend to flow South West from the Maldives which could have carried the flaperon to Reunion in all this time, of almost a year and a half. One cannot help thinking that for some strange and sinister reason they do not want this plane to be found hence the insistance on clinging to what can only be described as pure speculation regarding the Southern Indian Ocean and as far as1600km South of Perth. Is this the reason they selected the Southern Indian Ocean which is known to be largely uncharted territory and so deep in places you could never be expected to find anything?

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