I see the latest comments from an Oceanographer regarding the flaperon found off the coast of Reunion in the Western Indian Ocean, (incidentally not the Southern Indian Ocean), is that it would be impossible for the flaperon to have drifted to Reunion had the plane crashed further South as the currents do not run North. I fully agree. The Oceanographer points out the direcrtion of the sea currents which would make this impossible, which it would. Hence, the Australian investigation team have been looking in the wrong place all this time as many of us knew all along.

However, what would be possible is for the currents to have caused the flaperon to drift South to Reunion from say for example the Maldives as the currents do run North to South. Other than the retired CEO of a French Airline, in his private capacy, nobody else has even bothered to speak to the numerous witnesses on the Maldives who claim they saw the jet at low altitude that morning with the same markings as Air Malaysia. This retired CEO was warned by British Intelligence to stop investigating as he was putting himself in danger. Well I challenge British Intelligence and any other Intelligance Agency for that matter to warn me in the same manner as I intend digging until the truth is revealed. This plane never went down in the Southern Indian Ocean and the authorities know this. The Southern Indian Ocean is one big red herring.

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