I have resisted the temptation to add to the confusion of the missing Malaysian airliner thus far as I felt there were already too many conspiracy theories floating around out there. I am not an airline pilot but have been a sport aviation pilot on single engine light aircraft and high performance gliders since first going solo in 1960. I have a total of over 5000 hours and 17 years’ experience as an instructor. Admittedly this does not qualify me as an expert on commercial airliner disappearances or accidents. I just have a passionate interest in all forms of aviation and have been following this from day one. I also served in the Air Force for 10 years and assisted with several boards of inquiry into aircraft accidents. My reason for going public is that from my perspective I cannot see much common sense or logic being applied to this investigation into the missing Malaysian airliner MH370 and find this baffling to say the least. The families deserve better treatment and I join many others in suspecting that something is being hidden. How much or what is anyone’s guess as is the motive for this possible concealment.

1) The Malaysian authorities and the entire International search team based their initial assumption of MH370 being in the Southern Indian Ocean and 1600km off the coast of Perth entirely on Inmarsat data interpretations, not facts but “interpretations and assumptions”. If Inmarsat data interpretations were correct they would surely by now have found some miniscule thread of evidence to show the aircraft ended its journey in the sea off the coast of Perth and where they have been looking for over six months. Hence from this anyone could be excused for suspecting the Inmarsat data interpretations are incorrect. This is surely enough reason, (or one would think), to stop searching there and start looking in more likely areas which would not be anywhere near Southern Australia off the coast of Perth or even further South as they are now suggesting.

2) The last course change and therefore the last known direction the aircraft was heading in, was in fact North East and not South West. There is not really a single scrap of concrete evidence to suggest it did a 180 degree turn after this and started heading South West and this theory is based on pure speculation. They should be looking in the opposite direction much further north of Australia. The Inmarsat theory talks about various handshakes or signatures along the route while the plane was flying on autopilot on a southerly course from Malaysia. What they fail to mention is at that particular time there were something like 34,000 other aircraft crossing the sky yet they are arrogantly assuming they have identified the correct aircraft based on a weak at best, process of elimination.
3) Did Perth ATC pick up an unidentified aircraft in their skies on that date and if so why have we not heard about this? An unidentified aircraft entering any air traffic control zone will cause immediate panic for obvious reasons. If this did happen I have seen no reports of it anywhere. From reports I have listened to one man was responsible for this assumption after he studied all this data of these aircraft routes and headings over a weekend. I think it was some senior person from Inmarsat that boasted that this was 2 years work for a whole team of experts, yet his employee had accomplished it alone working over weekend. This remarkable feat has never been challenged.
4) If MH370 had crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean some sign such as an oil slick or some floating debris would have been expected to have shown up somewhere especially with virtually the entire world looking even if only from satellite data. Then we have the huge number of search vessels and planes that have been out there looking. Plenty of things on an aircraft will float to the surface like foam seating cushions and later wash up on a beach somewhere if not spotted still in the sea. While it is appreciated that there would be total destruction on impact if the plane had dived straight down from high altitude straight into the sea you would still surely find something. They could even achieve this level of identification years ago without the current sophisticated tracking technology we have now.
5) Suggestions that the plane landed gently on the surface, (like the famous Hudson River landing), then floated to the bottom, all in one piece without breaking up are also ludicrous as by now something this large would definitely have been found. However, unlike the Hudson River landing it is unlikely a conscious person was still at the controls of MH370 if it did crash and without a pilot the crash would be far more severe as the aircraft would stall after running out of fuel and drop a wing and then spin in and break up. Not being able to find anything anywhere is still astonishing. You can now zoom in on a Coke bottle top from the satellite’s and a Boeing 777 is about the size of a soccer field. There is no single plausible or logical explanation or scenario that fits the known circumstances that would put the aircraft in the Southern Indian Ocean where they have been looking for over six months now. I challenge anyone to just come up with a remotely feasible scenario that puts it there.
6) There are only two sets of circumstances that could have put it South of Australia and neither will fit into the facts that are known thus far. (a) For someone to have re-programmed the auto pilot to do a 180 degree turn and fly South West or, b) For someone to have manually turned the plane around to fly South West. Now, why would anyone do either of these actions? What possible motive could there be? Even a terrorist or a suicide pilot would have no reason to fly all the way there first for seven hours to that specific location only to let the aircraft run out of fuel and crash. It makes no logical sense. They could have crashed it anywhere they wanted long before this. No terrorist group has claimed responsibility for this anyway so what would have been the point unless it was to actually steal the plane for some future purpose?
7) Theories being posted on the internet blaming the Captain are also in my opinion without foundation and are character assassinations of a highly skilled professional person unable to defend himself. This is absolutely shocking and slanderous and it will not be the first time such an accusation has been later proved wrong. It is appreciated that at this stage nothing can be ruled out but accusing someone without any evidence is nothing short of defamation of character in anyone’s book.
8) The Silk Air crash of 1997 when a Boeing 737 was flying from Jakarta to Singapore and crashed into the ocean is a classic example where they wrongly accused the captain of committing suicide and taking all his passengers with him. There had in fact been a catastrophic failure in the tail section of the aircraft caused by a defective hydraulic valve operating the rudder which then jammed resulting in rolling the aircraft over upside-down. It then plunged vertically into the sea from about 35,000 feet and disintegrated on impact. That character assassination lasted about 5-6 years if I recall until eventually a lawyer insisted on additional tests on the valve which found metal shavings had caused it to jam up. This totally exonerated all the crew on the flight deck. Now remember this took place 17 years ago when the technology was nowhere near the level it is at today, yet they still managed to find the wreckage and the black boxes even if it was, if I recall about 2 years later. What made this worse was the captain was a highly respected retired officer and jet fighter pilot from the Singapore Air Force.
9) Generally speaking pilots are by nature very responsible people, it just comes with the territory and training and the last thing they will do is endanger other lives, let alone intentionally crash a plane killing all the innocent passengers. This is the act of some deranged maniac with serious psychological problems who one hopes would never be permitted anywhere near an aircraft. Such people crashed the 9/11 aircraft but only after first taking them by force and if I recall not one of those was a fully trained pilot and just had enough knowledge to point the planes at their intended target.
10) A book that has been written by two men who should know better is another disgusting character assassination claiming the Captain of MH370 was responsible. One of these so called authors is a pilot which tends to blow my previous comment of pilots being responsible people right out of the water I admit. The other guy was an accident investigator who should also know better. As nobody knows what happened yet this is not only very premature but a clear attempt to make money out of an unfortunate incident. I personally hope they both get sued for their last cent and make nothing from the book some of which was posted in the internet. The theory is full of holes and even more assumptions.
11) In the case of MH370 more substantial evidence seems to have been totally ignored in favour of attempting to convince the world the plane crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean. Who is behind this irrational thinking and why? Just by way of an example, what interrogation has taken place regarding the oil rig worker who claims he saw a large airliner on fire in the night sky off the coast of South Vietnam that night? What interrogation has taken place regarding the lady sailor who following the above sighting also saw a large airliner on fire in the night sky off the coast of Southern Thailand? These two sightings actually tie up time wise and distance wise and put the aircraft on a totally different course heading North East and not South West, which they seem to want us to believe. North East would be the logical course for it to have been on as that was the last know direction it was heading in.
12) What serious scrutiny has gone into the satellite picture of a large airliner flying very low over the South Vietnam jungle also about the right time with a silhouette looking suspiciously like a Boeing 777 and nowhere near any airport where it could have been going to land? Civilian airliners do not fly this low normally unless coming in to land. Malaysia’s answer to this was that it was not a 777. Well, what a huge coincidence and what was any civilian aircraft doing at that low altitude anyway? Plus the fact that it sure looks like a 777 even though I admit the picture is a little grainy.
13) Then there is the reported sighting by several villagers in the Maldives at first light all with a description that fitted the plane perfectly and also seen very low. OK, agreed it is unlikely this sighting could be correct if the other three are, as it is too far West but it still needs to be properly checked out surely? What serious investigation was made into any of these reports to actually check them out thoroughly? From what I have read it appears there was very little if anything done about any of these reports. It appears all the above possible sightings have for some strange reason been dismissed out of hand by the Malaysian authorities as being impossible in favour of the flimsy theory about the Southern Indian Ocean south of Perth which seems remotely unlikely.
14) What really makes one suspicious is the indecent hast in which the Malaysian authorities, still in March, tried to convince the families of the passengers the plane had crashed in the Indian Ocean killing all on board without a single solitary scrap of evidence even over six months later. What they have is weak circumstantial evidence. This also must be cause for suspicion. These people might even still be alive for all we know. While this is unlikely it is very possible. Not long after this Malaysia wanted to even issue death certificates. Again why the indecent rush?
15) We also have all the fuss that was made over the pings. It was clear to many people including myself right from the start these pings could have been literally anything such as the detection equipment used to track the movements of whales and sharks by marine biologists. Go look in the North Pole you will probably find some pings in the sea also. However, they attempted to convince the world once again that these pings were definitely from the black boxes of MH370. The fact that they kept moving about all the time in the sea and covering large distances was totally ignored as was the huge distance between the first two detected pings. I am not saying they should not have been checked out but I am saying it was a total overreaction which lasted for days long after it was quite clear this was not something they should have been too concerned with.
16) What amazes me is why common sense and logic do not appear to prevail in this and how so many 1st world countries are just blindly following the Inmarsat data interpretations and not even considering this data could be wrong or could have been totally misinterpreted. Surely they should be looking at other more likely possibilities? What is really going on here and who is pulling the strings? No wonder there are so many conspiracy theories flying around out there. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to suspect this could be some major cover up for whatever reason.
17) On 28/06/2014 a report appeared on Google stating the Australian investigation team think the most likely cause for the crash, (which incidentally we do not even know took place yet), was asphyxiation caused by smoke inhalation and lack of oxygen. They went on to say all the crew and passengers must have been asphyxiated. No problem with this theory. However, they added that the plane must have then flown on autopilot all the way from where it first went off radar. However, we already know there were several course changes after it disappeared off radar. What they do not explain is who executed all these directional changes and then eventually re-programmed the autopilot to fly to Australia if all the crew and passengers had been asphyxiated. One must assume there was a problem when they lost contact and the plane turned back. Hence, if smoke in the aircraft caused asphyxiation, who then re-programmed the auto pilot to do the 180 degree turn and fly to Australia? Why would it have been programmed to fly in yet another direction even if someone was still alive? Again this argument lacks any logical thinking, and the families are supposed to just accept all this nonsense.
18) As far as I can tell very little search has been done on land or in other parts of the sea further North East. This is obviously because nobody has the slightest clue where this plane could be. However, valuable time and money is being wasted following what appears to be a wild goose chase in the Southern Indian Ocean where in my humble opinion the plane cannot possibly be in spite of the Inmarsat theory. Maybe one day I am proved wrong and I will eat my words but I will be very surprised if they ever find the plane in the Southern Indian Ocean. Start to apply some logic and common sense to this investigation.
19) At the risk of adding yet another conspiracy theory to the already abundant list, can this aircraft actually still be in tact somewhere? Could it have been taken by technology or human intervention to some hostile country for some future sinister purpose? Is it that the authorities know of this and want for some reason to keep a tight lid on it? Or have they been threatened in some way if they do not convince the world the plane crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean where they can say the depths are too great to be able to find anything. One thing is absolutely certain, someone somewhere knows more about this than they are letting on about. Now add to this the latest disaster with the shooting down of MH17 also from Malaysia and it is beginning to look like some sort of pattern. Could there be any connection or is this just a coincidence?hat

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