Well it is now 1 year and 9 months since the disappearance of MH370 and other than a flapperon washed up on Reunion Island near Madagascar they are no closer to finding it than they were on day one. I submit that the authorities, for whatever reason, are actually determined this plane must never be found. Why else would they continue to cling to speculation regarding suspect Inmarsat data and the Southern Indian Ocean off the coast of Perth? This I suggest is a wild goose chase designed to conceal the real location or at least far more possible locations where they should be looking. How convenient that this just happens to be the most inhospitable place on the planet and less known to us than the surface of the moon. While the search team stubbornly contiues at huge cost looking in the wrong place crucial evidence is being totally ignored suggesting the plane went down thousands of miles away from Perth Australia and further North. The sea drift patterns in the Indian Ocean also run from North to South West in a curve before eventually turning towards Australia which alone proves the plane could not have come down where they are insisting it did unless aircraft parts can miraculously swim against the current. Also the plane had lost ACARS and TRANSPONDER which means it was totally unidentifiable. Hence whatever, if anything the Inmarsat data picked up cannot conclusively be confirmed 100% was MH 370 anyway. The fact that at this time 34,000 other aircraft were in the sky makes this assumption even more incredible. I once again ask the obvious question. Why is it that possible solid evidence and eye witness accounts have been totally ignored and dismissed without investigation when it would not fit into their silly Southern Indian Ocean theory? For example, the mountain of evidence to suggest this plane may have crashed in the sea in the vacinity of the Maldives far outweighs the highly speculative theory that it crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean yet there has not been one single search in that area. Numerous eye witnesses on the Maldives have not even been spoken to and other corroberating evidence has all been disregarded. Now they are saying that they will call off the search by mid 2016. Absolutely shocking.

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