I am an aviation enthusiast since being a young boy and first went solo in an aircraft at the tender age of 14 and two years before this was actually legally permissible. I had no idea I was actually under age and the mistake was only discovered by everyone else after it was too late to do anything about it. Anyway I have been flying ever since but did have to wait until I was of age to continue flying after it was discovered. Hence my very first license has me registered as being two years older than I really am because they assumed I was 16.

At age 24 I joined the then Rhodesian Air Force, (now called Zimbabwe for some strange reason), but I was already too old to be considered for pilot training. However, I climbed the ranks to eventually become a Squadron Commander with the rank of Flight Lieutenant and commanded the General Service Unit later to become the Air Force Regiment.

Obviously I had many opportunities to fly while in the Air Force and once it was known I was a private pilot in my spare time I became permitted to take control of just about every aircraft we had in the Force while sitting next to the actual person in control of course. I have even unofficially taken off and landed a military jet fighter. I eventually immigrated to South Africa just before it was obvious Mugabe was about to take over the country.

My main passion became gliding and today I have over 3000 hours gliding and more than 2000 on single engine aircraft. I was an instructor for a total of 17 years. I have about 25 different types of aircraft that I have flown over the years and that are registered in my numerous log books. I have pilot licenses for the UK, Rhodesia and South Africa for light single engine powered aircraft and gliders. I also had a South African instructor’s license.

Next to flying my second passion is writing. I have one business book that has been published and is in the fifth year of reprint. I also enjoy writing about controversial subjects but only if I think I can offer a more positive solution or make some meaningful improvement by writing about it.